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Fee Structure

I do not participate with any insurance programs, including private insurance, medicaid or medicare. We will however provide insurance printouts for direct reimbursement to you. Many insurance plans have “out-of-network” benefits that may cover our work together in part. Treatment decisions are based on my expertise, our collaboration, and your response to treatment without insurance company interference.

Service Rates

  • 90 minute initial evaluation: $420
  • 80 minute follow-up: $380
  • 50-60 minute psychotherapy plus med management: $295
  • 20-30 minute med management: $175
  • Fees for phone calls vary according to length of phone call and complexity of the issue at hand, but generally run $25 and up. I do not charge for calls to the secretaries or office manager for routine refills, making or cancelling appointments, etc. — I only charge for my personal time.
  • Fees for writing letters, filling out forms, prior authorizations, etc. are priced similarly to telephone calls; they depend on length and complexity.

Please note that I do not double book my sessions, so missed visits can be a problem. Having a slot of time reserved specifically for you works best. However,  a missed visit fee up to the full amount of the scheduled session may be assessed for any visit not cancelled by 5:00pm the prior business day.


I am a solo practitioner dedicated to providing the finest outpatient care.  I do not admit patients into the hospital, but rather rely on trusted colleagues.  Hospital stays are usually brief.

I take my own “call”  unless I can not be reached because I am out of town.  I then have a psychiatrist who does secondary “back-up” call in case I can not be reached, which is rare. The telephone number for appointments, questions, concerns, and emergencies is always the same — (904) 564-2232. If it is after hours, you’ll be prompted to my answering service which can in turn get in touch with me.