Ron Kirsner, M.D.

My practice at a glance

Ron Kirsner, M.D. Board Certified Psychiatrist
My aim is to provide excellence in psychiatric care.

I specialize in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of mental, addictive, and emotional/psychiatric problems. I particularly enjoy helping guide my patients in overcoming problems with bipolar disorder, depression, and anxiety. Specifically, I help people with major depressive, panic, post-traumatic stress, social anxiety, bipolar, and psychosomatic disorders.

My practice generally focuses on adults, however, I do enjoy seeing children and adolescents for medication management, provided that they are working with a licensed mental health professional for psychotherapy (Ph.D., clinical social worker, licensed mental health counselor, etc.).

Pat Kirsner

Office Manager
Wife, mother, sister, aunt, road warrior, landlord, office manager and part owner, registered dietitian and originally hails from New York.

Ron Kirsner, M.D.

As a psychiatrist, Dr. Kirsner has helped hundreds of folks through their struggles with mental illnesses and the challenges of life.

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